security operation center (SOC)

Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of a modern information technology enterprise is a big job. Cyber security breaches are becoming common news. The role of security is becoming more and more important in the IT sector. To solve security issues and to provide a rapid solution and response to security related problems, most of the companies are setting up Security Operations Center (SOC). SOC can be simply defined as a centralized unit that deals with security on an organizational level. In these centers, the enterprise’s information and other sensitive areas like websites, databases, servers, networks etc are monitored, assessed and defended. Irrespective of the size or type of organization, it’s important to have a SOC to protect and to handle such kind of issues. Many companies lack a fully functioning SOC due to various reasons, such as the shortage of trained security professionals, cost management, or maybe due to inappropriate tools. Many organizations believe that they are not susceptible to cyber attacks because they haven’t experienced one yet. The reality is that they don’t know whether they are compromised or not. A SOC is a team primarily composed of security analysts organized to detect, analyze, respond to, report on, and prevent cyber security incidents.

As you adopt social, mobility, analytics, cloud and the Internet of Things (SMACT) technologies, do you know how your security controls are operating? With security monitoring and analytics, you can detect, analyze and respond to threats, securing your enterprise to transform its IT systems and applications.

We have a two-part solution:

  1. Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  2. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)


IDS - Monitor, detect and prevent

The IDS is monitoring and analyzing incoming network traffic to find and mitigate potential threats. The goal is to maximize security of the environment and stop dangerous traffic from coming in. This service is in many ways the “outermost” watch-post in regards to network security.

The IDS can be connected to most industry-standard SIEM platforms. It has a self-learning approach as everything which is discovered is added to knowledge databases and uploaded to the network sensors for future use. This helps to prevent the threat that could harm you in the future.


SIEM - Correlation analysis and repair

Security information and event management (SIEM) is an approach to security management that seeks to provide a holistic view of the security of an organization’s information technology.

The SIEM service receives events from Service Management- or Monitoring Systems, logs and traffic data (for instance from the IDS), and correlates and analyses it looking for possible threats.  This means that the SIEM can find threats wherever they originate from (not only in the traffic stream). The service includes 5 log sources, and there are no limitations on how many logs may be used.

Intrusion detection

By having the full solution with the IDS and SIEM bundled you have the ultimate protection, but you could also use another IDS solution and feed it into the SIEM offered by Infy, or use the IDS offered by Infy and connect it to a SIEM solution of your choice.

The service combines Infy solidity and agility on the managed hosting side and the “watchdog” competencies of a specialized IT-security company for monitoring and analysis (mnemonic). 

The log collection is being done locally inside Infy's datacenters, and only consolidated logs are being sent to the mnemonic SOC for analysis.

This hybrid model offers a unique combination of the two specialties, giving you the benefit of the synergies.

In any case, you know where your data is, always. Infy delivers both the IDS and SIEM and we make sure that you receive the optimal solution for your environment.

Above all, you receive:

  • Industry standard solidity – solid network monitoring and matching against known threats
  • Always accurate protection – built-in self learning capabilities
  • Low cost of ownership – you pay for the service, not for the infrastructure


SOC: Monitor and Protect Your Business Around-the-clock


Constant monitoring and analysis of the cyber risk transforms security into a business enabler, rather than a problem. Our Monitoring and Analytics services help to establish the cybersecurity capabilities you need to monitor operations 24/7. We deliver them out of a dedicated Security Operations Center that’s either operated in-house or provided as a managed service. We will equip you to identify and prevent cyber threats, and remove them from your systems. With actionable alerts, identification of suspicious activity and forensic investigation, you’ll gain a single overview of your real cybersecurity risks.

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